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Street art by Jasper Kelly, Deamze, Topsk and Lukan Smith in Bidencopes Lane.

Bidencopes Lane Permission Wall

Since the 1990's Bidencopes Lane has been a meeting place for local graffiti and street artists to create their work. During this time thousands of stencils, letter based pieces, throw ups, characters, tags, paste ups and stickers have been layered up to create an evolving tapestry.

In 2019 a section of Bidencopes Lane was turned into Hobart's first permission graffiti wall. There is a designated wall in the laneway that can be painted by anyone, on any day of the week, provided they sign up for a permit and paint between 9am – 10pm. Anyone can add their work to the wall, temporarily adding their presence to the laneway – until the space is reclaimed again by a future artist.

Signing up for a permit is instant and can be done online anytime.

Request painting permit

In addition to the Permission Wall, Bidencopes Lane will host Paint Jams throughout the year. These days are intended to open up more walls in the lane so they can be painted.

Paint Jams are announced via social media. Follow us Instagram or Facebook to be notified.

The Bidencopes Lane Street Art project is funded by the City of Hobart and managed by Vibrance in partnership with the Creative Hobart team.