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Street art by Jasper Kelly, Deamze, Topsk and Lukan Smith in Bidencopes Lane.

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Bidencopes Lane Permission Wall

The Bidencopes Lane Permission wall is supported by Creative Hobart and managed by Vibrance. Visit the Bidencopes Lane page to learn more about the project and the laneways history.

Where you can paint

Important: You may only paint inside the red line in the image below.

Area you are allowed to paint at the Bidencopes Lane Permission Wall.

Only one wall in the laneway can be painted. The area you can paint has a black line above it. Please do not paint over the black line.

Painting outside the red line in the image above is illegal.

If in doubt contact for clarification.

Permit sign up

Fill in the form below to receive a permit to paint the Permission Wall in Bidencopes Lane.

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Before you can receive permission, you need to read and agree to our Community Guidelines and Terms & Conditions.

View Community Guidelines

Whilst painting in Bidencopes Lane please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Bidencopes Lane is safe space. Treat all people using the laneway equally and with respect
  • Respect other people's artwork
  • No advertising material permitted
  • No graphic images (sex, violence, or nudity)
  • No imagery or subject material likely to cause offence
  • Artwork should contribute to the ‘creative ambience’ of the City
  • Vibrance and City of Hobart reserve the right to remove imagery/material that may be deemed offensive, derogatory or unsafe.
View Terms & Conditions

By registering to use this service you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This permit is granted by Vibrance. Vibrance has arranged for permission from the owner of the Permission Wall for it to be painted as set out in this permit. Vibrance has received funding from the Hobart City Council for the Permission Wall, but the Council is not responsible for issuing permits.
  2. The Permission Wall may only be used on the day and at the time specified in the permit.
  3. This permit does not authorise any marking to be made outside the Permission Wall.
  4. Any art created on the Permission Wall may be replaced or removed outside the time for which the permit applies.
  5. All artwork must comply with the guidelines for the use of the Permission Wall. Any artwork which does not do so, at the discretion of Vibrance or the Council, will be immediately removed or replaced.
  6. You must treat other users of Bidencopes Lane with respect.
  7. The Permission Wall is made available on the basis that the Hobart City Council is entitled to use and reproduce the artwork on its website or in promotional or other materials, without recognition of the artist and without any payment made to the artist. Any copyright or moral rights which the artist may otherwise be entitled to claim are subject to the right of the Council to do so.
  8. Permit holders are expected to supply their own materials; no materials will be supplied by Vibrance.
  9. You are not insured for your own personal safety. In the event that you are injured while you are using the Permission Wall, you are responsible for all costs, expenses and loss associated with that injury.
  10. You must carry out activities allowed by this permit so as to minimise the risks to yourself. This includes:

10.1. use a respirator if using spray paint;

10.2. wear clothing to suit the weather conditions; and

10.3. if using a ladder: use in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; use only a type, construction and rating as recommended by the manufacturer; use on a flat surface; use bollards / witches hats / signage on the ground to indicate that someone is working at height; use another person as a spotter; maintain three points of contact at all times; do not use after dark; do not use ladders if vehicles are moving in Bidencopes Lane.

  1. You must carry out activities allowed by this permit so as to minimise the risks to others. This includes:

11.1. reduce tripping hazards;

11.2. use of signs where ladders are used;

11.3. immediately clean any spillage; and

11.4. ensure that pedestrians and vehicles are able to move freely around you.

  1. You must remove all rubbish at the time you leave the Permission Wall.
  2. You will abide by the social distancing requirements as stated on the Request Permit page
  3. You understand that you are producing a work in a public place. Whilst you may retain copyright of any produced works under relevant state and federal laws, Vibrance and/or City of Hobart are not responsible if a member of the public violates such laws.
  4. You will seek appropriate permissions and obtain necessary rights to produce/reproduce imagery
  5. You will take precautions to ensure the safety to surrounding property including but not limited to buildings and cars
  6. You will ensure that the laneway remains accessible whilst painting
  7. You will only paint on the ‘Permission Wall’ once a valid permission slip has been obtained and during the hours allocated. You will not paint outside these hours. You will carry a valid permission slip to produce as proof of permission if asked.

Indemnity Notice:

  • The Permit Holder is responsible for and indemnifies Council and Vibrance Festival from and against all damages, costs, losses, liabilities, expenses and claims (including in relation to any loss, damage or injury to property or person or death) arising during or after the Permit Period, in connection with or arising directly or indirectly from:
    1. the use or occupation of the laneway by the Permit Holder and its employees, contractors, agents or invitees, except to the extent caused by the negligence of Council and/or Vibrance Festival;
    2. any damage to property owned by Council, the Permit Holder or any third party, caused or contributed to by the Permit Holder or the Permit Holder’s employees, contractors, agents or invitees;
    3. any unlawful or negligent act or omission of the Permit Holder or the Permit Holder’s employees, contractors, agents or invitees in or on the laneway;
    4. any breach by the Permit Holder or the Permit Holder’s employees, contractors, agents or invitees